Buy now, Pay later...

Make your wishes come true quickly and without extra charges, by paying for your purchases in our online store, choosing TBI-Bank as your payment method (valid only for customers with a place of residence in the Greek territory)!

Pay with TBI-Pay

With up to 4 installments and zero charges, make all your dreams come true in an instant! Make the first payment at the time of purchase and the rest in the next 3 months.

  • Interest rate: 0 %
  • Commission: 0,00 €
  • Total installments: 4

The advantages of Buy now, Pay later:

- Pay in up to 4 installments
- Use any debit or credit card
- No need to issue a new credit card
- Immediate completion of the process
- No extra charges on the amount of your order

Pay with a personal loan

If the amount you need to pay is too large to be paid in 4 installments, you can request a personal loan.
Say "yes" to your wishes and cover your personal needs directly with the TBI-Bank payment plan. The process is online and takes just a few minutes!

  • Maximum amount: Up to 10.000,00 €
  • Approval: Within 10 minutes
  • Payment: In up to 60 monthly installments

The advantages of the personal loan:

- Quick and simple process
- Application only with ID and a bank statement or log in to egov
- Approval in just a few minutes
- Easy access to the bank account you want - just a simple application and a simple application form
- Comfort
- The fixed interest rate for the entire duration of the financing
- Repayment plan according to your needs and budget
- Affordable to your personal needs
- No need to have a bank account with TBI-Bank to get the finance
- You can apply irrespective of your profession
- 100% digital process
- Digital application from your mobile or computer
- Sign a contract with an electronic signature

TBI Bank (3-60 installments without card & 100% online)

By choosing TBI-Bank as your payment method, you are taken to the secure environment of TBI-Bank. You follow a process and then you can purchase the products of your choice with financing, setting the duration and amount of your installments yourself.

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