Pellet Airboiler Iris

Steel pellet air boiler with three and four fume trails with horizontal pipes, changing air feed (inverter).

Air boilers of the Iris series come with a BS-2600 & BS-2600XL pellet burner.

The high efficiency Iris air boilers offer the best possible economy in pellet consumption with respect to the environment thanks to the fume management system and the ample heating surface of the burning chamber, both of which contribute to the fastest heating of the cold air coming in the air boilers through the air feed turbine.

All the air boilers of the series can be adapted to have air outlets in every kind of duct and air distribution channels depending on the needs of each space. The big cleaning chambers make the air boiler friendly to use and easy to maintain.

They are the ideal solutions for heating business spaces (industrial, small enterprises, glass houses, poultry farms, drying plants, exhibition venues etc)

  • Energy class: Α++
  • Production: ΒΕ.ΚΑ.Ν
  • Update: 20 Feb. 2020
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