Pellet burner BS-2500 & BS-2500L

They have a stainless, fireproof burner (AISI-310), automatic ignition, electronic panel fully adjustable with easy Greek menu (and upon order in any other language), 250W resistor, brightness sensor, temperature safety in the feeding tube and burning air blower.

Burner BS-2500 power is 35kW to 75kW, and BS-2500L is 70kW to 120kW, which can be adjusted by the electronic panel depending on the demands of the space.

Easy to clean and maintain, malfunction test, three automatic cleaning cycles (before, during and after burning), are just a few of the benefits compared to other burners on offer.

They come with a fuel depository tank and the screw with the motor.

  • Energy class: Α++
  • Production: ΒΕ.ΚΑ.Ν
  • Update: 20 Feb. 2020
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