Pellet burner BS-2600 & BS-2600L

This modern wood pellet BE.KA.N burner BS-2600 & BS-2600L functions in the same philosophy as an oil or gas burner. Its function depends on the control of the fuel supply through the feeding screw and the ventilator, achieving highly efficient full burning (>95%).

Burner BS-2600 power is 35kW to 75kW, and BS-2600L is 70kW to 120kW, which can be adjusted by the electronic panel depending on the demands of the space.

High efficiency and eco-friendly attributes make it the ideal solution for heating your space. The burner’s smart design and durability guarantee high performance, long life, and they are friendly to the environment (low CO2 emissions).

They are made with 6mg stainless, fireproof steel on the bottom and back of the burner (AISI-310), their double layer wall make it durable in high temperatures.

  • Energy class: Α++
  • Production: ΒΕ.ΚΑ.Ν
  • Update: 20 Feb. 2020
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