Wood boiler Vesta

Steel wood boilers manufactured according to the EN 303-5 standards.

With ample heating surface, three horizontal trails, spacious burning chamber, easy access to all surfaces for cleaning. The front has two doors, for fuel feed, maintenance and cleaning.

The vesta wood boiler is the most cost-effective series in fuel consumption and fumes control management. The electronic panel fully controls fume temperature and percentage which ends up in the boilers outlet, resulting in the lowest, most effective, cheapest burning compared to traditional wood boilers.

All Vesta series products can be fitted with a BE.KA.N pellet burner BS-2500 and BS-2600 as well as a biomass BS-4000. After installing a biomass and pellet burner, you can automatically switch from wood to pellet.

The boiler comes with an electronic system panel BS-1000, a security valve set and a burning air blower. Vesta boilers are available in a wide range of power, offering affordable solutions and ecological heating in domestic, farming, industrial and business applications.

  • Energy class: Α++
  • Production: ΒΕ.ΚΑ.Ν
  • Update: 20 Feb. 2020
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