Pellet Heaters - Series Fena 22kW

FENA non-electric pellet stove with oven by BEKAN.

It is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a pellet stove that will warm him, economically, quietly, giving him the ability to use the stove to cook, and most importantly he will be able to find any spare part at any time, even in the heart of winter.

So if you are looking for all of the above, then you are sure to be completely satisfied by choosing the FENA stove. The FENA stove as well as all our products are tested with the most demanding controls, as the strict supervision of our production line is based on the highest European quality standards.

The stoves are certified with CE and ISO production line manufactured according to the standard EN 15250:2007 and for this reason our company guarantees for each product that leaves the production line with a written three-year warranty that it meets the specifications listed in its technical characteristics and provides the necessary technical coverage and support throughout the warranty period.

There are many times that in many areas of the country, even in urban centres, we have frequent power outages due to bad weather or network problems.The simple operation of the FENA, and the fact that it does not require the use of electricity to operate, make it the ideal choice even in the most extreme winter conditions.

It can be started with a torch, after opening the fuel slots that connect the fuel tank to the burner. The intensity of the flame can be varied easily and simply by pulling the lever located under the stove door.Cooking with the FENA stove is easy as the thermometer on the front of the stove allows you to manage the temperature to the degrees you want.The stove is switched off by closing successively the two fuel flow ports (first the upper one and after four minutes the lower one) having the stove running on the large staircase the stove is switched off after fifteen minutes.

It comes with two different sized baskets for the burner, one small and one larger, to offer another choice in combustion intensity.

  • Energy class: Α+
  • Production: ΒΕ.ΚΑ.Ν
  • Update: 05 Aug. 2022
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